Make the most of our services

  • Read the notices posted in the surgery
  • Make sure you know the opening times of the surgery
  • Find out how to how to request repeat prescription and urgent appointments
  • You may not always need to see a doctor; 'ask what services the nurse can provide
  • Keep your appointment or cancel it
  • Take a list of questions with you when you see your doctor or nurse
  • Ask your doctor to write down anything that you do not understand the answers to
  • Take a friend or relative with you if necessary
  • Tell the receptionist if you need more time to speak to the doctor; she may be able to arrange this
  • Think twice before making an appointment: Do you really need to see a doctor? Have you tried simple home treatments?
  • Find out how your practice deals with complaints.

How your local Pharmacist can help

Ask your pharmacist for advice about choosing the right medicines for common ailments. Your pharmacist will advise you if you are unsure about seeing a doctor.

Your Pharmacist can offer advice about a problem if you are not sure what is causing it. Ask for advice about staying healthy.

Be sure to tell your pharmacist if you are taking other medicines – some medicines are not compatible.

Look After Your Health

Choosing the right food for good health is very important. Eating a good balance of food, taking regular exercise and not smoking gives the best chance of living a fit and healthy life. If you have a medical condition please check with your doctor before altering your diet. Remember eating well is about balance. For example, we do need fat in our diet but not too much!

Resources for Patients

Flu Clinics

We run flu clinics annually. We will advertise when you need to contact the surgery to arrange an appointment for your flu jab.

Local Services, Let
Local Services, Let